Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another new species for Tophill Low NR

One over exposed from me, one under-exposed from Doug Fairweather - but both are of the same Diurnea fagella I pulled out of one of the traps on Saturday morning. The latest new moth for the site. Doug got to the identification before me so credit goes to him. Fair to say, the moth trapping season has started rather well.

Made a dusk visit to Tophill tonight to look at the gulls. Once again failed to pick up a Med Gull, one or two of which have been reported in recent weeks. I must be losing my touch! The drake Scaup of the last few days remains on D Res and a drake Goosander roosted in the gloom.

Despite the coolish weather, a Piperstrelle spp was hawking the car park and a bat spp - sized in between Pip and Noctule, was flying along the edge of the res in front of the car park hide. It didn't have big ears so I can rule 4 species out but I'm rather stuck to what it was. Not my speciality bats in the gloom.

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