Sunday, 27 March 2011

100 moths in March...

The 3 bright lights set at Tophill Low NR attracted, despite the cold overnight temperatures, a good number of moths on Friday night/Saturday morning.

A shame we missed out due to work commitments of the working week, when warm nights were in the offing, but here are the totals - pulled out order, rather than the 'how you are supposed to do it order' I believe it is called Lepidoptera with a smile!

1 Engrailed, 5 Lead-Coloured Drab, 1 Red Chestnut, 11 Small Quaker, 12 Common Quaker, 7 Twin-spot Quaker, 35 Clouded Drab,46 Hebrew Character, 2 Satellite, 7 Chestnut.

Some of the pics from the traps...

Twin-spot Quaker

The Satellite (Tophill tick for me... I hide my head in embarrassment!)

Common Quaker

This one... Caloptilia stigmatella is probably new for the list. Doug Fairweather lucky enough to get some pics during the specimen's stationary moments!

Birding wise it was pretty quiet. Other than 17 Brambling on the feeders, the regular Pintail and Whooper Swan, and the usual Buzzards the birding fitted in with the day of dullness weatherwise. Bit of a downer to have heard a couple of Common Cranes flew over just before arrival mid-morning, while a Scaup and a Med Gull didn't provide enough of a distraction from tea drinking late on and fungi discussion.

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