Sunday, 13 March 2011

A day of two seasons

The morning started grey. A trip to a wood on the Wolds in search of drumming woodpeckers proved to be totally fruitless in the relentless drizzle. Not a single species encountered so a bit of a disaster!

Brightened up in the afternoon so I trundled to the new hide overlooking Watton Nature Reserve in search of a Smew or two to photograph. Only one was present and decided to stay just out of range for a semi-decent photograph.

The best are here...

A Mute Swan flying in off Watton Carrs proved to be the only other photo.

Incidentally, c200 swans were sat in the fields north of Leven Airfield on the Carr land. Several of the birds appeared to be Whoopers but at a distance of maybe 3kms, balancing my scope on a fence post, it was difficult to work out exactly how many Mutes and Whoopers where in the flock.

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