Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pink Punksters hit Howden

Leaving the office is often the highlight of the working day. After the odd flyover in recent years, nice to finally see some Waxwings in a tree on the way to the car park. Sixteen birds on Station Road in Howden above the zebra crossing at 5pm made my walk to the car more cheery than usual.

Yesterday added Corn Bunting to my Howden list (I must add it up sometime). Considering this species was singing and viewable from my usual car parking space, I assume this species was accounted for when the environmental assessment was carried out before the car park was given the go ahead!!! Or whether the office bod who carried it out from textbook learning went 'Good nice and easy - Great Crested Newt - they can be relocated!'

Still waiting to account for some flyover Common Cranes... so close to the Lower Derwent Valley sometime during an outing to the shop I'm going to account for a flyover. Will have to be the case now I can see little sky from the window!

Going back to Sunday, headed out to Faxfleet to take advantage of the first day of Birding Summer Time. Ten Marsh Harriers made their way from Whitton Sands in the Humber/Trent/Ouse complex and on down the Trent east of Blacktoft Sands. Nothing else of note which was rather disappointing, especially as all the Harriers appeared to drift west on the south side of the viewing area.

Also, after last week's Badger, fresh road kill was spotted on Monday morning just north of North Cave. Albeit dead, 2 in a couple of days, a good distance apart, suggests I might see a few during my late-night drives home.

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