Sunday, 20 March 2011

Migrants returning

Game on... first summer migrants. Having had singing Chiffchaffs on the way into Howden from the staff car park at work for the last 3 mornings, at long last some true summer migrants on offer on Saturday at Tophill Low NR reserve... several Sand Martins and a couple of Little Ringed Plovers on Watton Nature Reserve. Cold days are almost over... but despite the nice sunny day I'm working on another 34 days before my notebook gets busy with birds, moths and dragonflies. And that is me being honestly optimistic!

Moth trapping... well it is still early. After a cold night the usual numbers and species was expected with only Dotted Border, Hebrew Character, Clouded and Lead-coloured Drab (a Tophill mega - 3rd record) attracted to the lights.

Have to say as moths go, this is a pretty drab photo! Lead-coloured (bottom) and Clouded (above)

Hebrew Character is slightly brighter

Despite being out for a while, some smart Scarlet Elf-cups can still be viewed. A selection of some of the specimens on show.

One of my favourite birds is the Shoveler. I've never worked out why. Always real quiet apart from when they display to the females with a display of foul language... the calls have to be worded 'Shit, shit, shit' Having read, go out and listen... it does sound like that is what they call!!! Must be the thought of the commitment of spring!

This male was less than placid... seeing off others

Despite what folk say, you can still see Barn Owls in East Yorkshire. I've not really struggled to see any during the winter, though that is perhaps due to time in the field rather than sitting in, thinking the worst!!!

Flicking through blogs, and there are many, noticed today the arrival of the 2011 intake of old and new Farne Islands wardens. It was 1995 when I left Seahouses Harbour to spend 9 months living on an island... click on the Farne Island Blog to follow the life until December. I'm envious, wish I could go back.

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