Friday, 1 April 2011

Time with the camera

With the week in the office complete, and not much on the pager locally, I opted for an afternoon with the camera at Tophill Low NR. I work on the idea of the more I practice, the better the pictures might become! Hopefully!

Surprise on arrival as a Greenshank flew north over the car park and D Res calling. Best start checking Swinemoor on an evening when time allows.

Little on show on North Marsh other than the Little Grebes making occasional sorties close enough to the hide to be photographed.

The spring sunshine prompted two Peacocks to bask on the path in sheltered spot. On the way in, a Brimstone was being blown through Watton after venturing out into the wind.

A couple of cracking Slime moulds Enteridium lycoperdon are just passing their best on dead pines just before the middle hide of D Res.

No sign of the drake Scaup on D early evening, though a drake Goosander was again present. A Barn Owl put in an appearance at North Marsh and a Corn Bunting was singing occasionally to the east of the river.

A relaxing start to the last long weekend for a couple of weeks.

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