Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fairweather on the moors

Making the most of the bright weather, Doug Fairweather was recently on the moors finding new things for the blog.

Here is a selection of cracking pics from his trip to the hills.

Thanatophilus rugosus - Carrion Beetle

Another beetle which is one of my favourites, I've spent hours chasing these in the past for a decent picture...

Green Tiger Beetle

A number of Green Hairstreaks were on offer...

This Early-purple Orchid is part of a diminishing colony which has suffered over the years, in part due to selfish people stupidly believing they can dig them up and actually get them to grow at home, and now they are just about hanging on, albeit out of sight of the passing public. In the past, people have been caught in the act of digging them up! Twelve months ago, there was just one flowering spike visible from a road. It was stolen within two hours of first being seen and all that was left was a carefully placed sod of grass where it once grew.

It's a shame folk can't just leave well alone... hence the site is withheld.

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