Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sky Dancers

Sunday afternoon was spent down near the Humber at Broomfleet Washlands.

Unfortunately my theory on Large Red Damselflies being out at Tophill Low NR would mean they would be out here was wrong, as despite searching for a couple of hours I found no damselflies and no exuvae.

Throughout the afternoon, a pair of Marsh Harriers danced around in the sky, this picture below doesn’t really do them justice but something I don’t spend enough time enjoying as I’m always looking for something else. The pair put on a cracking display of aerobatics - more than making up for the lack of damselflies.

A distant picture of them high in the sky doesn't really do them justice

Plenty of other common migrants now in and singing. Several Lesser Whitethroats in the thicket at the north end of the site and one or two Cuckoos very vocal.

The Washlands, being off the beaten track, is a quiet place. This Mink, thinking no one was watching swam up Market Weighton Canal and posed on the bank before quietly disappearing into Oxmardyke Marr.

Way out of the local area, the Blog's North Sea contributer reports skeins of Barnacles heading north to their breeding grounds whilst on a tow somewhere in between Orkney and The Minches. Other than Manx Shearwaters, the odd Bonxie and the regular seabirds not much else to see but updates will come in as and when he can get an internet connection.

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