Friday, 8 April 2011

And the view from the window

So the best day of the year so far and I find myself doing overtime in the office instead of being out in the field enjoying the sun!

However, the plus point was that I was sat near the window and was able to count 4 Holly Blue and a Brimstone in the staff car park while the Ashes Park in Howden played host to an Orange Tip and another 3 Holly Blue.

The rest of the week has seen me in the office, other than Red Kites on the way into work and numerous Barn Owls on the way out of work it has been rather dull.

My mate and blog contributor, Neil Hart, had a better week connecting with both the Slavonian Grebe at Tophill Low NR and the nearby Osprey at Arram which is proving popular with the 'dudes'. Twitching Ospreys... look up when you are out then you might see!!!

It has been rather warm on an evening of late and I've got a few moths at the window. The Streamer collected tonight is presently chilling in the fridge ready for photos as it is a garden tick, and this, which I think is Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, was taken at light during the small hours of Thursday morning.

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