Sunday, 5 September 2010

Windy weather not great for dragons

After the blog title... perhaps I might add 'Neither is the habitat!'

Only the second visit to a heathland habitat this year, albeit remnants, but I was left thinking that I might not be arsed next year. Numbers on view at Skipworth Common this summmer have inspired only one visit and North Cliffe Woods seems to have disappointed, in my own personal view, in recent times.

Maybe the gusty wind kept the dragonflies off the wing, but even in sunny sheltered spots the numbers at North Cliffe didn't require the usage of too much ink in the notebook!

A good walk around the site yielded 19 Migrant Hawker and 6 Common Darter. I eventually found some heathland... the size of small allotment! Maybe that is a bit harsh but having some understanding of heathland management... perhaps some decent management advice needs to be asked for!!! If you want to see anything in your spare time then this place is best avoided... you'll leave disappointed. There are better sites to see a bigger variety of species, even in September!

After the excitment of North Cliffe Woods I moved across to North Cave Wetlands late afternoon, picking up a single Common Blue Damselfly, 3 Migrant Hawkers and 2 Common Darters in less than ideal conditions.

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