Sunday, 19 September 2010

Remembering Bella the Labrador

As I blogged... whilst cursing as the Woodlarks at Skipworth, showing down to a few feet, took flight in disgust...

'and then along bounded a great big Labrador...'Bella! Get here Bella!' and then they all flew away! Good to know the Common is used as a fantastic habitat for the pet dog to show off its field skills at stick fetching rather than being a site primarily used for enjoying the wildlife!'

Must mention I showed great restraint in Houghton Moor woods on Friday when some stupid dog owner decided that it would be fun to enable his pets to run up, growl and jump up at me as I walked defenceless in the woods. In fact he, the owner, was so far away from, and in a total lack of control, of his animals, that it was pointless even trying to enter into any discussion with him that his well loved pets should have been on a lead as the SIGNS say. I'm sure if I'd have kicked one of his dogs, or entered into conversation with the idiot, I would have been seen as spoiling the fun.

Enjoy the read...

And I suggest adding the blog to favourites...

And I'll end with saying that in the dog owning world, from experience, IT IS THE MAJORITY of dog owners, not the minority, who enhance giving themselves such a bad name!

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