Saturday, 18 September 2010

Spectacular display

A carpet of Fairies' Bonnets or Trooping Crumble Cap - Coprinus disseminatus

As is typical of a Saturday, I wandered to Tophill Low NR and with the cool weather conditions - no moths of note, very few dragonflies - a rough estimate would be 10 Migrant Hawker and 4 Southern Hawker - Doug Fairweather and myself went looking for fungi.

Spending the afternoon combing the north end in search of mycological excitement was a worthwhile exercise with about 30 species noted... and a bit of head scratching at the end as we attempted to put names to some specimens collected that we couldn't manage to identify at the spot of growth.

The visual highlights included this display of Spectacular Rustgill.

This Blushing Rosette was discovered near North Marsh.

These Pholiota flammans brightened a dark spot near the car park...

and the first fresh Candle Snuff proved difficult to get a decent photograph of.

Some of the other species noted included probable Brick Tuft, Sulphur Tuft, Root Rot, probable Oak Milk-cap, probable Larch Bolete, Purple Pore and several Common Earthball... a Tophill tick for me!

Birdwise it appeared quiet though not much birding was undertaken. Gutted to read the pager saying an Osprey had flown over while we where 'deep in the jungle' but you can't really have it both ways! A high flying skein of 10 Pink-footed Geese 'wink winking' their way south east over the car park late afternoon was the birding highlight.

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