Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wizards of the wing

It was rather hectic on the Hairy Highway – aka Leven Canal on Sunday. Plenty of dragonflies on the wing to provide interest.

Four-spotted Chasers were the most numerous totalling 92 along two and bit sections of the canal.Emperors totalled 8 and held there own in their many joists with smaller species. Brown Hawkers are now cruising with 13 counted, a single Southern Hawker was kicked from the vegetation and the Hairy Dragonflies are still rather obvious with 11 still on the wing and showing well. Supplemented by small numbers of Damselflies – Common Blue, Azures and Blue-tails and Red-eyes, plus 2 Large-Reds, it was an interesting morning.

The best of the pictures.

Finally found a posing Hairy Dragonfly!

The best of the in-flight shots of Brown Hawker.

On the bird front, an immature Peregrine showed well whilst being attacked by a Hobby before drifting south.

Also, some Longhorns here with 3 Golden-Bloomed Grey Longhorns noted just before the second bridge for the second/third consecutive year.

Very few butterflies – several each of Meadow Brown, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell.

And the Grass Snakes along the canal are huge!!! One basking individual was over 150cms long. It looked rather intimidating coiled up!

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