Friday, 30 July 2010

Another week chained to the desk

Too much work, not enough time out! How I look forward to the weekend, though I'm sure that could be said for everyone in full time employment.

Highlight of the week was a Hummingbird Hawkmoth, albeit briefly at The Ashes in Howden on Wednesday. The dragonfly highlights there included single Migrant and Southern Hawkers recorded during breaktimes. Holly Blues on Monday and Wednesday also brightened up my walk every two hours or so - I think this may be a third flight period. Not quite sure how recording Howdens Odonata and Lepidoptera could be recorded on my daily work log... but it is good to exercise the mind and better than being ignorant! Perhaps I may draw up a checklist of things to see on my walk around for current and future employees in the town. Sadly, I've not seen any sign of any Spotted Flycatchers this year. Now two years since I've seen any in the park.

Meanwhile at home, several Silver Y have appeared where the lights shine and The Magpie appeared in the garage Thursday night in Beverley. Currently 'chilling' in the fridge in may pose for photo tomorrow... warmed up way to quick this evening!


  1. Hi,

    The Minster Churchyard in Howden used to be a great spot for Spotted Flycatcher. It is also two years since I last saw one there, or in the town for that matter

    Tom Riley

  2. The Minster Churchyard is a frequent haunt during my breaktime but I haven't seen any this summmer. However, I did spot some on Thursday morning on Station Road in the trees at the back of the PA building showing well.