Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ah... Grasshopper! Why are you so difficult to identify?

On my tours around various localities I've been taking an interest in some of the other things that I've not really spent much, or any, time looking at over the the many years I've enjoyed the countryside, and it is very rewarding.

Inspired by 'a telling off' for being in the wrong place somewhere last summer, and the two hour 'isn't nature great discussion' that followed, I've started to delve into new things and if some of these are captioned wrong, then feel free to comment - all constructive help and advice is welcomed. I've got a sore brain from trying to work out the variations and the costal buldges, but throughly enjoying trying to get to grips with something new. These are the best of the pictures I've taken.

These, I think are Common Green Grasshoppers.

This one I think is a Meadow Grasshopper.

And this one I think is a Field Grasshopper.

As mentioned, any constructive comment is welcomed regarding whether the photos are captioned correctly. No doubt I'll be out at the weekend trying to find more of these which wish to pose, and throughly enjoying being a total novice on the subject!

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