Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tophill Low... latest 'potential firsts' for the site...

The species Kretzschmaria duestra (fungi) and Epeblema scutulana (moth) appear to be site firsts from the lists we have. Maybe Richard Hampshire, site Warden would like to confirm these 'potential firsts' from his record archive. Credit to Doug Fairweather for his endeavour if they prove to be the case. Having witnessed him trying to catch the latter... I hope it was worth it, wish the pictures came out better.


  1. Kretzschmaria duestra certainly isn't on the list I have - as for Epeblema scutulana - I leave that up to the moth listers for acceptance! - this has the potential to become a Tophill Forum - in which case I'm keeping well clear!...

  2. Thanks for that Richard, sorry for putting you on the spot!