Monday, 31 May 2010

Sheltered sunny spot

Out of the wind and in the sun is the best place to be.

Another trip to Tophill Low in search of posing Hairy Dragonflies and once again no pictures.

A single male Hairy was on the wing in North Marsh, 4 Broad-bodied Chasers were in the D Wood pond area showing splendidly to all who cared to ask what 'the bright blue fast things were' and 16 Four-spotted Chasers were encountered north of the car park.

From D wood pond we have some Broad-bodied Chaser pictures...

This female was difficult to photograph, being constantly harrassed by the males in the area, though it did linger long enough while ovipositing to allow this record shot of the event, despite the overhanging vegetation.

Bored with the posing, 'put a stick next to a pond and they'll land on it' easy to photograph Four-spotted Chasers, I decided to have a go at them in flight. More of a challenge the speeds they fly at!!!

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