Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beating the cold

A cold north wind rather spoiled the day but still plenty of things could be found at Tophill Low NR if you looked hard enough.

Three of us, Doug Fairweather, Neil Hart and myself managed to knock off 70 species of bird without trying to hard... the highlights being a Wheatear, a Blue-headed Wagtail, several Common Sandpipers and bushes full of singing warblers.

Keen eyes turned up the sites first Large-Red Damselfies of the year and 5 exuvae were also found.

The sunny spells encouraged the Grass Snakes to come out and bask, though the cool periods allowed them to be approached closely.

A few funghi can still be seen in the woodlands.

Several clumps of Sulphur Tuft (left) and St George's (below) were found.

The best find of the day was this probable Helvella spp which awaits identification.

For more news of what is happening at Tophill Low copy into your browser to find out the latest sightings and events from Yorkshire Water's Warden Richard Hampshire.

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