Friday, 14 May 2010

Identification parade

And these are photographs of the trio in the field... rarely spotted together as a group. However, all contribute to the blog with records or pictures, and spend lots of time out and about.

Now the question is here... is that scope on a tripod? If it is, then this is a mega! Not a fan of the cold... note the blue sky!

Fair to say this a man on mission... if he finds something... whether it be bird, moth, dragonfly, funghi or anything else... he is going to look it up! And find a good answer

Battered hat... and the bins strap looks like it needs replacing! But lets carry on regardless. Doesn't do early mornings as prone to sleeping!

And we can't not mention ERDragonfly... full of knowledge and enthusiasm... but he is hidden by his hat, like the rest of us, as a follower so click his link...

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