Saturday, 15 January 2011

Still searching

Typical Saturday. Tophill Low NR, a few birds and any subject matter we could find other than birds to brighten the none birding periods!

This 'crust' on a log in D wood took a while to relocate from last weekend... hopefully we can work out what it is!

Doug Fairweather on the case getting his pics.

This Turkey Tail was on an adjacent log...

as was this Jews Ear.

Other than these, lots of Candle-Snuff fungus, Velvet Shank, a few Scarlet Elf Cups, Dead Man's Fingers and some way past their best Dyrads Saddle made up the rest of the interest.

A few birds around. A pale Buzzard (which sparked interest momentarily) flew west over D Res and carried on. A minimum of 12 Bullfinch included a flock of 9 at the north end of the site and 5 Woodcock were flushed whilst searching for fungi.

A redhead Smew roosted on D res and the highlight of the gull roost was the first Lesser Black-backed Gull of the year. At least looking through the Larids at dusk was warmer than of late!

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