Monday, 3 January 2011

Thank you

Whether it be through word of mouth, which is how the idea has tried to run, or the other sites that have added a link, or links, to this blog, or just the people that found it by accident around the world, somehow an average of around 500 readers have hit the blog per month since I started typing back in April! All we can say is thanks to all the readers and linkers!

We, the contributers, Mr Doug Fairweather, Mr Neil Hart (he got 7 lifers last year) and myself (the typist who spends not enough time out in the field), have no idea who clicks on and reads the texts, but I guess if you do, I hope the blog is 'an alright read'. Feedback has been great... but it is all word of mouth so if someone could type something 'pro-blog' on here then that would be grand. I would also like to thank those that have commented during 2010, constructive advice is always welcome, and for the readers that have commented on the fungi pics I give you a big thanks.

We aim to publish more of our sightings here after our escapades out into the field, and write-ups will no doubt increase when the temperature warms a little.


  1. Hi Martin. Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening year of local wildlife news. Ta for helping me learn more about what nature's up to in my neck of the woods. Maybe get you and your camera in the dirigible some time in 2011?

  2. Hi oddjobboy. Thanks for your comment. We aim to keep the blog entertaining and light-hearted, and as best as we can, free of long unpronounceable words. Just like time in the field... spot with a smile :)