Saturday, 22 January 2011

Everything is obvious when you look

Another afternoon at Tophill Low NR saw many friends year ticked and bits and bobs to spot.

The keen eyes of Keith Rotherham picked out a White-fronted Goose on D res in the most unusual of places... fast asleep on the second step below the derrick. Just the sort of place you would expect to find one, rather than out on the open water of the reservoir with the 'Lag flock!!! A Smew at dusk made up the rest of the birding and once again there was nothing good in the gull roost come last light.

The fungi, well it did pop up in conversation that what got found at the south end was like spending time looking at Blue Tits and Chaffinchs as a birder! A tad tedious in other words!

But it got better! The second clump of Yellow Stagshorn found this winter (the second clump found at Tophill as far as we know) was the highlight then it was a case of finding some good bits to photograph.

Last weekend, several clumps of Velvet Shank were thought of as 'next weekend these will make a great photo'. Not to be as they either got eaten or the weather got to them. However, we did find this little group on a log in D Wood.

The Scarlet Elf Cups are appearing but haven't quite got going yet. These the best of the few on show.

Discreet, but seemingly everywhere, is Candle-snuff fungus. It might be common but some clumps of it are stunning.

And if anyone spots areas under the Beech trees that look like a Wild Boar has been turning the leaf litter and the ground over, then they are where Doug was searching with his stick. After searching for a while, not for the first time, he finally found some Beech mast Candle-Snuff... thats the little bit of white on each mast!

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