Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tophill again

With a rather cold wind blowing, it was a case of choosing which location would be the least cold place to visit... immediately ruling out Spurn or the harriers in the Humber/Trent area.

So it was decided to spend the afternoon sat at Tophill Low NR again. The 13+ Whooper Swans present on the carrs opposite the chicken farm just east of Watton last weekend reappeared. Apparently seen during the week near Wilfholme.

The gull roost once again held nothing other than the regular variety of commoner species, though 2 redhead Smew and a Goosander roosted, while a Pink-footed Goose came in with the Greylag flock late on.

A few more Great Crested Grebes are now appearing as D res is nearly ice-free. This the only bird of note to come close enough for a photo.

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  1. Right about Lesser Scaup. Said it was naff. Suspect some newbie twitchers will be feeling idiotic!