Thursday, 3 November 2011

Roll up, roll up for the Circus spectacular

I did something unusual for November - birding after work!

Fortunately, the 4pm finish gave me just under an hour of semi-decent light to get to the Humber, Ouse, Trent confluence to see what Harriers were roosting.

In fading light, the spectacle was superb with Harriers on view before I could get out of the car. A quick stumble up the riverbank and a minimum of 34+ Marsh Harriers were on view hanging over the reedbeds giving crippling views. Also a ringtail harrier spp which looked like a Hen, but these days presuming is a dangerous thing (tho one has been roosting) and to be honest it looked like one!

All in all, for making very little effort, walking four strides up a riverbank and observing for 15 minutes or so, it was a pretty awesome sight.

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