Saturday, 5 November 2011

The joys of the reclassification of fungi species

So Doug Fairweather found this one at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire, last week. Difficult to put a name to. Pholiota species perhaps is as far as the books take you. However, with a little advice, it may be possibly be Hemipholiota populnea. A recent reclassification of various species has resulted in a few new ones being created. Just like everything else it would seem... unless its moths when agg gets added to certain species as they can't be done without genitalia examination!

A week later, the specimen looked a little different and has been collected so hopefully our expert friend can come to a definate identification. Hopefully I'll be posting more when we get news.

A few other bits and bobs around. This Lepista flaccida Tawny Funnel part of a good show at the south end of the site.

Note you can see both the top and the underside. Always helpful to see both when trying to identify a species.

I missed the moth trapping, however nothing of note was trapped. Usual November fair... November Moth, Large Wainscot and a couple of Feathered Thorn (pictured)

The gull roost held yet another Mediterranean Gull. I think that maybe 12-14 different birds that have appeared this autumn so far, though I suspect several were missed in October.

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