Sunday, 15 April 2012

The start of an invasion?

One record of a scarce visitor is more than enough to keep most of the Tophill Low NR listers in East Yorkshire happy... provided they see it!

Avocets are pretty scarce, I think maybe only two records in last the decade, so having already had one in 2012, the arrival of another two yesterday was a bit of a shock. Having managed to expand to various sites locally, is the vicious wetland bully trying to get a toehold here and try and take over the site? For now, it remains an unusual occurence, but time will tell whether it becomes a regular...  and just how many might take over the southern end of the site, scaring off any much-needed for the list species sought by regulars!!!

Avocets at distance on a grey day... even the Mallard looks concerned by the potential of a quiet life being transformed by these ASBO seeking bullies.

Other than the Avocets, it was a quite day's birding with the weather horrible at times. A small passage of Hirundines the only suggestion of it being mid-April.

The cold weather affected the moth trapping with very little trapped overnight despite four lights being set. Two Water Carpet the only moths of note.

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