Sunday, 15 April 2012

Odonata 2012.... the Yorkshire flight season begins

Hardly the weather for Odonata to be emerging, but looking pays dividends. A search around the ponds today at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire yielded 3 Large Red Damselfly exuvae. Having searched the same area yesterday and found nothing, it came as a surprise to find a wing, then an exuvia directly underneath it. Unfortunately, this one met its demise soon after emerging, but two more found in close proximity obviously had made their maiden flights. However, during a search of the area, I failed to find any tenerals, but given the strength of the wind, they could have been blown anywhere!

The exuvae finds constitute the earliest ever evidence of the species of species taking to the wing, a day earlier than 2011, when the species was found emerging in the same place.

While searching for Large Red Damselflies, this Four-spotted Chaser larva was encountered.

So 2012 starts with a surprising new record. How many other people's eyes will be opened to the possibilities of setting new records for Odonata in the cold?

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