Monday, 30 January 2012

New odonata record in the Algarve

I've been busy databasing my Odonata records from my trips away to the Algarve in recent years as I've been asked for records by a contact at the University of the Algarve.

The subject of Long Skimmer Orthetrum trinacria came up as the species appears to be rapidly colonising the Algarve region. My contact tells me the first documented Algarve record was in the summer of 2008 but the one pictured was one of 7 individuals seen at a site in the summer of 2007, and for the minute becomes the earliest documented record. I knew there was a reason I took and saved this record shot!

However, if anyone reading this has any records from the Algarve, please mail me at and I'll pass on your details to my contact in the Algarve.

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