Friday, 16 December 2011

First proper blast of cold

Is winter actually here now? Definitely getting colder doing the gull roost at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire. Two degrees celsius and feet like ice blocks after a few hours in the shed today overlooking D res!

The best of it was this 1st winter Mediterranean Gull which appeared in front of the hide as the light started to fade.

Certainly, last weekend, and today, less birds are coming in on evening compared to a month ago. The picture below illustrates that the res isn't packed.

Still, we did manage to get the third 'white-winger' of the year when this Glaucous Gull dropped in briefly last Sunday evening.

Still plenty of White-fronted Geese around today numbering 118 Eurasian and the single Greenland bird.

Owls seem to be showing well at the moment in various spots of East Yorkshire. Managed to knock off all five common species without trying over the last 3 weeks - certainly easier when you don't look for them!

This a heavily cropped bad pic of one of the 4+ Short-eared Owls around the north end of Tophill Low in the last few weeks.

I also bumped into 1+ Long-eared Owl during my wanderings. Trying to hide and showing reasonably well!

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