Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hairys... they are just great

I spent Thursday in Hairy Dragonfly mode... it has been a personal battle, since probably 2004/2005 after an elusive hawker-type caught my eye in spring, to prove they existed in the county. All I needed was a photograph! And everytime I saw one... they all whizzed past at high speed... a touch difficult to nail a photo for proof of what I was seeing. Once their existence was finally proved a few years back by Paul Ashton, it has taken until now for me to actually take a semi-decent picture of one...

I suppose now they are common and such a doddle to spot... I guess anyone can take a picture of one and look good!

Eventually made it out with EYDragonfly to Broomfleet Washlands to try and find some Hairy exuvae... turned up a blank but 38 Large Red Damselflies, 38 Variable Damselflies, 5 Azure Damselflies, 1 Common Blue Damselfly, 2 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 1 Hairy Dragonfly and 4 Four-spotted Chasers helped pass the time.

Some of the other pictures...

Large Red Damselflies (above) and Red-eyed Damselfly below

This Pammene aurana was the best of the day-flying moths spotted...

Brown Argus and Common Blue made up the supporting cast.

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