Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sterna move south past The Narrows

Given that work offered me the chance of a four-day week, it would have been rather rude to say no. An extra day out in the field gladly taken - so what better way to spend Friday than at Spurn counting terns!

Arriving mid-afternoon and spending just short of 6 hours at The Narrows turned out rather worthwhile with plenty of birds (all south unless stated):- 115+ Gannet N, 1 Mute Swan Humber, 10 Little Egret Humber, 1600 Dunlin Humber + 24 south, 5000+ Knot Humber, 10 Sanderling, 1 Common Sandpiper, 5 Arctic Skua, 3217 Common Tern, 2 Arctic Tern, 124 Sandwich Tern

Not quite the numbers totalled at Spurn in the day but the evening seawatch is well worth the trip.

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