Sunday, 8 August 2010

Looking the worse for wear

Plenty of Emperor Dragonfly on the wing in the Canal Zone at Spurn. Despite all appearing to be suffering from the wear and tear of patrolling and engaging other males, it appeared to be business as usual for them in the sunshine. At least 13 males were on the wing with just a couple of females seen. Many of the males were hanging up providing photo opportunities.

A supporting cast involved 4 Common Blue Damselfly, 7 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 4 Common Darter and 6 Ruddy Darter.

A couple of hours at The Narrows was very quiet 15.30-18.00. Just a trickle of Gannets north... and ended up resorting to taking pictures of Common Gulls flying up and down the beach!

Obviously cursing now on reading the pager message 'Cory's Shearwater off The Warren after I left!!!'

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