Saturday, 9 June 2012

Marbled White Spot first at Tophill Low NR

As the non-friendly moth trapping weather continues into another week, it really is a case of making the best of it at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire, although finding the enthusiasm is proving to be difficult.

And today it caught me out as I was wasn't paying attention. Fortunately, Richard Sears was on the ball as he pulled out the site's first Marbled White Spot.

Listed as common, a record at North Cliffe Wood last year was the only VC61 record in 2011. One step close to getting the site list up to 500 species.

Despite the gloom and the cold, the first Elephant Hawkmoth of the season was a sign of summer, while a Common Rustic made us realise the season is progressing quickly and many species are missing from the year list.

The mothing over the last week has been better away from the traps with a few species being encountered in the field.

Pammene aurana and Lathronympha strigana just two of the species that have been encountered on the in the last week.

The poor weather is also causing problems recording Odonata. Though hard work can yield turn up emerging Four-spotted Chasers.

Earlier in the week, I was having a play. I've tried this before, but no hard in another go!

Despite Tophill being relatively quiet for birding, I was fortunate to catch up with the Corncrake, just northwest of the site, along Scurf Dyke on Monday evening. The bird singing on and off for about 40 mins early evening, 18 years after I last heard the sound in Yorkshire!

The birding highlight of the weekend was the Roller at Aldborough which I caught up with 7 nights ago... it was late, it was dark, it was blowing and it was cold! So I make no apologies for posting this record shot.

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