Sunday, 26 February 2012

Has the winter ended?

Another winter period weekend at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire turned up surprises!

The gull roost birding continues with a good number of birds in for the time of year on both evenings. Perhaps 8000 roosted Saturday night and 15-17000 were on the res by the time the light went on Sunday. Unfortunately few large larids, everything being Common and Black-headed Gulls but 3, more probably 4, 1st winter Mediterranean Gulls roosted over the weekend, different birds each evening.

Saturday highlights included a small number of Pink-footed Geese moving northwest and a pair of Pintail put in an appearance, while 6-12 Lesser Redpolls were around the north end of the site among the mobile Siskin flock. The latest Tophill news can be found here.

February moth trapping isn't the most exciting time of year. In fact it is drab! So here is something drab... Clouded Drab!

However, despite eggboxes being more numerous than moths, two new additions were added to the Lepidoptera list. Both micros, Tortricodes alternella , identified and photographed by Doug Fairweather, and Acleris hastiana.

Also trapped, and new for the year, were Hebrew Character, a worn Chestnut and several Dotted Border.

A few Pale Brindled Beauty were attracted to the lights, while the year's second March Moth was on one of the moth trap covers, the first caught earlier in the week by Richard Sears.

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