Saturday, 22 October 2011

Back to reality

So after a nearly 3 weeks in the sun, its back to the cold. And I'm suffering! However, I don't seemed to have missed much other than a Glossy Ibis and Red-throated Pipit.

Friday evening I was back at the Tophill Low NR gull roost in East Yorkshire. Almost feels good to be back, my thoughts of gull roosting retirement soon came back, but after a while I was back in the swing of things. Nothing of interest other than an adult type Little Gull, 3 argentatus Herring Gulls and a few Lesser Black Backs still present.

Tophill Saturday turned up a few birds - 7 Black wits flew south, as did a Little Egret and with 20+ Curlew noted east of the river at the south end, 32 flying south in the last 30 minutes of light could mean over 50 are around. A female Pintail and a Willow Tit made up the best of the rest while the gull roost held 4 argentatus Herring Gulls, a single argenteus Herring Gull and only 1 Lesser Black Back.

Still a few dragonflies on the wing - 9 Migrant Hawkers and 29 Common Darters

They seem in good condition given the date so I expect if the weather stays good we'll get some November records.

Also managed to catch up with one of the new fungi Doug Fairweather found while I was away - Horse Mushroom

Its good to be home... Honest!!!

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