Sunday, 18 September 2011

Med gull mania

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Yorkshire seems to be lacking in birds worth the effort so I took a punt on a hoping a few gulls might be at Tophill Low NR, East Yorkshire.

It wasn't disappointing, a good number of Larids passed thru during the day and the turnover yielded some success with an adult Mediterranean Gull, wearing a green darvic, found during the first trawl through the assembled birds. The gulls constantly turned over with birds in and out all the time for 4 hours, 3 different '2nd winter' Meds appeared and a probable '1st winter' moved thru but was picked up late before disappearing from view.

When it is as easy as that... I think I've put my gull spotting retirement on hold. Another cold, wet, miserable winter to look forward too sat in a wooden hut spotting Larids... bring it on! Gull roosting 2011/12 has begun.

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