Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cold nights are rather autumnal

Despite yet another cold night, the lights have to be set to keep up the records. With numbers and species trapped at Tophill Low NR hardly challenging the ink left in the pens that were bought to write in the notebooks for the season, there is always the odd surprise. An August Thorn in one of the boxes,the first trapped for 9 years, was the highlight. Unfortunately, it took off before a photo could be taken!

Otherwise it was signs of the end of the season. A couple of Rosy Rustics and a Bulrush Wainscot in the 'target' traps indicative that we'll soon be seeing Red Underwings. Four good weeks left unless it stays warm into September. I'm thinking we've missed the summer!

A Black-necked Grebe on 'D res', a Quail singing east of South Marsh and 11 Little Gulls the best of the birds on Sunday... Saturday was dire!

But the quietness allows for enjoying some entertainment... this one of two Stoats unaware of our presence until they got within a few feet

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