Sunday, 27 February 2011

Drab times...

Eventually made it out to Tophill Low NR, however my appearance was some time later than many others. Grey and dark was the theme for the week, and despite Thursday being glorious, a quick look out the window in the early hours, when the rain was hammering down, suggested I'd be best off turning off the alarm clock.

Despite the forecast, the moth traps were out. All I know from experience is that now we are in Clouded Drab season... and the species is drab... dull... and not really worth getting up to see! Moth, or potential moth enthusiasts, be warned... this is dull moth trapping. In birding terms... tis a bit like day ticking a Dunnock!!!

Check out the the warden's blog for news on what was caught, and all the other Tophill news. My recent posts make it sound like nothing turns up... but put in the time and with a bit of luck, who knows what might appear in view!!!

On the birding front, a '1st winter' female Scaup was on D res, though elusive once eyes where taken off it, as the bird was diving with regularity when observed and rather awkward to see well. However, there does seem to be an increase in Aythya... so Ring-necked Duck is my next prediction within the fortnight! A single Smew was at WNR as was a drake Pintail, but the flock of Egyptian Geese had moved on.

The gull roost featured nothing of interest other than Common Gull and Black-headed Gull. Only 5000 birds, another season almost over, and despite being addicted to looking through the roost when I'm not at work (and when weather allows) I won't miss cold evenings and regular disappointments. After one Glauc and one Iceland, and knowing the history, I have a few months to contemplate retiring... after 11 winters of sitting in the car park hide or middle hide overlooking D res, as the temperatures start to rise in the spring, I can't imagine how cold another winter could be!

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