Saturday, 4 December 2010

The big icicle!

As a constant weather watcher, I was rather impressed by the icicle held by BBC weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker somewhere up North during the BBC News one afternoon this week... it looked like fencing sword, maybe a metre long. And the fact he held it so long in his glove without it melting and snapping showed just how cold the temperature was where he stood.

As the bad weather continues, I was intrigued this morning by icicle growth! During the cold period earlier in the year, I measured a few that hung down from the roof and noted some that reached lengths of 50cms or so. Impressive pieces of nature. However, the one I noticed today was bigger... and better. Mid-morning it measured a mighty 70.2cms, growing to 71.5cms just after 11am, and to an astonishing 73.2cms by 11.20am. Just shows how cold the temperature was despite the constant 'drip drip' as a slight thaw began.

It was noticeable by early afternoon that temperatures had increased, with the icicle measuring around 63cms when this photo (below) was taken. The tape doesn't show up so well but the red blob near the bottom of the icicle is 24 inches!

Unfortunately, a small avalanche from the conservatory roof ended the life of the icicle... best look tomorrow for something to maybe reach 80cms or beyond!

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