Sunday, 6 June 2010

A little time for some moths…

A late posting of the Figure of Eighty from the Tophill traps on Saturday.

Also as I didn’t get round to posting this one yesterday, a picture of one of the Clouded Bordered Brindle.

The micro moths are a little more time consuming on the identification front.

Currently on the wing and occasionally settling on the gorse bushes at Tophill Low is Cydia ulicetana. A tiny little moth that rarely settles for long, but captured here in a brief pose by Doug

And from Broomfleet in mid-May, this Grapholita internana was on the wing.

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  1. Just visiting for the first time and wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your last few posts. Your previous post in particular had some great moth and dragonfly pics, I'll be sure to keep visiting.